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Keiki Intercultural Preschool

providing excellent early childhood education since 2004

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See what our parents say...

—  Steve and Erin T. (former St. Mary's/Seisen principal/teacher)

“We were fortunate enough to have our children attend Keiki for a combined total of seven years. The warm and nurturing environment that Ben, Mie, and their staff have created helped our children develop into confident, happy, and successful learners. Our children left Keiki well-prepared for the next phase of their school careers at international schools. We miss Keiki and cherish the many fond memories of our time there, and we are happy to still be part of the Keiki family..” 

—  Rika T.


—  Aaron. R (former St. Mary's counselor)

"For the past year, both of my sons (aged 2 and 5) have attended Keiki Intercultural Preschool and the results have been fantastic. Both of my sons have flourished academically, socially, and emotionally.


As a career educator for many years (I'm the high school counselor at St. Mary's International School) I've been impressed by the energy, professionalism, and dedication of Keiki's teachers and support staff. Everything the teachers do aspires to the highest quality: art projects, field trips and amazing performances. The school administration understand the importance of cultivating an environment where learning is fun and a child's intellectual curiosity is nurtured and every element of their curriculum and programming reflects this. We will miss Keiki greatly when return to the states. I recommend Keiki to any parent looking for a warm and challenging environment for their child."

Keiki's Upcoming Events

Schools Keiki Alumni Attend

  • St. Mary's International School

  • Seisen International School

  • The American School in Japan

  • Aoba-Japan International School

  • International School of the Sacred Heart

  • The British School in Tokyo

  • Punahou School

  • Harrow School

  • 白百合女子学園

  • 田園調布双葉学

  • 清浄学園

  • 双葉小学校四谷

  • 青山学園

St Mary's International School

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