Colorful Balloons

Kindergarten Program


4 - 6 years old


Program Schedule

9:00 - 14:30

This program focuses on expanding the developmental aspects of their individual growth. By exposing them to academics through play-based learning and fulfilling teamwork opportunities with their classmates, students’ abilities will be strengthened to equip them with a love for learning and the tools to inquire throughout their learning journey. While continuing to focus on self-esteem and independence through our enrichment activities, students will gain an appreciation for their developing roles and responsibilities.

Socio-emotional Development

• Reinforcement of self-help skills

• Enhancing social skills with peers and adults

• Cultivating satisfactory communicative abilities with teachers and friends

• Practicing presentational speaking of works and personal interests in front of a group of peers

• Developing confidence and agency within the school environment

• Creating an early understanding of our personal, community, and global roles inside and outside of the school

Cognitive Development

• Strengthening patterning and sequencing skills

• Introduction to foundational Mathematics concepts

• Counting, printing, and recognizing numerals

• Exploring and gaining an introductory understanding of practical Mathematics skills (measurements, currency, time)

• Fortifying critical thinking skills through puzzles and open-ended learning scenarios

• Learning to recognize and make comparisons

• Building organizational skills through ordering and sorting

• Establishing a learning community and beginning to construct positive collaboration within it

• Developing reasoning

• Establishing a solid foundation of phonics sounds and building early application abilities through reading and spelling

• Developing and refining letter formation and writing placement accuracy

• Elemental exploration of biological and social sciences in order to formulate developing opinions and ideas about the world around us

Physical Development

• Increasing fine motor abilities to accomplish writing tasks and artistic expression

• Exercising gross motor skills to build strength, coordination, and accuracy