Colorful Balloons

Kinder Programs


4.5 - 6 years old


Program Schedule

9:00 - 14:30

Early Bird from 8:00

Extended Care till 19:00


This program will expand on the skills that they have acquired during Preschool. We will further focus on academics while continuing to build their self-esteem, creativity, and independence through a variety of fun enrichment activities. The core of this program will be reading, oral and written skills, and pre-first grade Mathematics. 

Socio-Emotional development 

  • Further improving the child's self-confidence.

  • Learning to work independently and within a group.

  • Introduction to Drama and role-playing activities.

  • Introduction to public speaking.

Physical development

  • Proper use and control of scissors, pencils, and other writing and craft instruments.

  • Artwork will become more refined and recognizable. Symbols and characters will appear.

  • Improvement in fine and gross motor skills.

Cognitive development

  • Development of critical thinking.

  • Development of knowledge of their environment.

  • Introduction to basic counting.

  • Developing their patterning and sequencing.

  • Developing their understanding of size difference.

  • Introduction to sorting by color, size, and shape.

  • Acquisition of early problem-solving skills.

  • Introduction to making predictions and reading information.

  • Development of penmanship skills. Be able to write their own names properly.

  • Alphabet and number recognition.

  • Develop a genuine interest in reading books.