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Pre-first Programs

Pre-first Program


5 - 7 years old


Program Schedule

9:00 - 14:30


This program aims to boost academic preparedness for children who had finished the Kindergarten program. This program will prepare them for the rigors of first grade and will introduce a more formal and structured academic and reading activities. In Pre-First class there is an expectation that children can be independent and occupy themselves with activities while waiting for more instructions from the teacher. 


In this program, we want the children to feel a sense of accomplishment and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Socio-Emotional development 

  • Further developing the child's self-esteem and confidence in his abilities.

  • Developing the child's focus and concentration in finishing tasks and activities.

  • More advance drama and role play activities. 

Physical development

  • Further development of gross and fine motor skills.

  • Introduction to more structured play time and to a variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

  • Introduction to more advance art concepts.

Cognitive development 

  • Further developing their patterning and sequencing.

  • Introduction to Mathematical operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) and Mathematical concepts such as Fractions and word problems.

  • Developing logical and divergent thinking skills.

  • Advancing problem solving skills.

  • Development of phonemic awareness.

  • Introduction to more sight words.

  • Teaching spelling which corresponds to daily phonics and sight words.

  • Further development of penmanship.

  • Advancement of sentence writing and Introduction to paragraphs.

  • Developing independent reading.