Preschool Program


3.5 to 4.5 years old


Program Schedule

9:00 - 14:30

This program will assist the children in acquiring life skills, by introducing them to learning centers that encompass a variety of hands-on activities. This will help children develop their Reading skills, Language skills, Maths skills, physical skills and social skills. This program will also improve their confidence and develop their love for learning through fun and creative lessons!

Socio-Emotional development 

  • Further improving the child's self-confidence.

  • Learning to work independently and with a group.

  • Introduction to Drama and role playing activities.

  • Introduction to public speaking.

Physical development

  • Proper use and control of scissors, pencils and other writing and craft instruments.

  • Artwork will become more refined and recognizable. Symbols and characters will appear.

  • Improvement in fine and gross motor skills.

Cognitive development

  • Development of critical thinking.

  • Development of knowledge of their environment.

  • Introduction to basic counting.

  • Developing their patterning and sequencing.

  • Developing their understanding of size difference.

  • Introduction to sorting by color, size and shape.

  • Acquisition of early problem-solving skills.

  • Introduction to making predictions and reading information.

  • Development of penmanship skills. Be able to write their own names properly.

  • Alphabet and number recognition.

  • Develop a genuine interest in reading books.

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