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Services offered by Keiki

Bus Service

Keiki offers a door to door bus service in the morning and the afternoon within the Setagaya area. The area we cover includes Todoroki, Nakamachi, Fuakasawa, Seta, Komazawa, Yoga, Futako Tamagawa, and Kaminoge. For more information please email our administrator.

For our After School programs we also offer a pick-up service from both Seisen and St. Mary's as well as other Japanese schools around the Setagaya area. 

Extended Care

Keiki also offers an extended care service for parents.

Fees for Extended Care after Extracurricular Activities are as follows:

Extended Care (tax included):

*From 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM:  ¥1,000 / 30 min.

"From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM: ¥1,500 / 30 min

Early Bird

unnamed (7).jpg

From 8:30 am onwards we accept students who would like to come to Keiki early for the Early Bird service. 

Early Bird Morning Fee is 1,000yen (including taxes) per 30mins Early Bird Afternoon activities Fee is 1,200yen (including taxes) per 30mins

If you would like the Early Bird to start at 08:00am, please contact our Admin Team. 

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