Regular Program Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: 300,000 yen (please add 10% tax of 30,000 yen)

The Registration Fee is a one time, non-refundable payment


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After School Program Tuition and Fees

After School Registration Fee: 26,500円 (please add 10% tax of 2,650円)

The After School Program Registration Fee is a one time, non- refundable payment for Non-Keiki school students.

After School Program Trial Fees

50 Min Classes: 4,500円 ( add 10% tax of 450円)

90 Min Classes: 7,300円 ( add 10% tax of 730円)

Saturday School: 12,500円 (add 10% tax of 1,250円)

Join after trial and get your trial fee back!

Restriction: Each student is allowed only one trial per class.

A minimum of 3 students must sign up for class to run. If the required number of students is not met by the start of a term, the affected After School Program will be cancelled for the duration of that term.

School Bus Service

Bus service available for the following areas:

Seta, Kaminoge, Seijo, Komazawa, Fukasawa, Todoroki, Denen Chofu, Sakura Shinmachi, Yoga & Futako Tamagawa.

*Please contact us if you'd like to request for other locations 

NOTE: Additional Tax is 10% for the prices listed down below


Other Program Fees

Private Tutoring Program

1-to-1 tutor: 4,000 yen / 30 minutes

Semi private tutor: 2,000 yen per student / 40 minutes

Semi private tutoring must have a minimum of 2 students.

Early Bird & Extended Care Service

Early Bird Services (8:00AM - 9:00AM) - 1,000円 / 30 minutes

Extended Care Service (5:00PM - 6:30PM) - 1,000円 / 30 minutes

Evening Extended Care Service (6:30PM~) - 1,500円 / 30 minutes

Tuition Fees

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