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School Tour Request

If you would like to take a tour around our school and talk to us personally you can complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you may call us at 03-3703-8778 or email us directly at to schedule your tour. 

Admission Information

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Prospective parents who are interested in enrolling their child at Keiki Intercultural Preschool or if you want information about our tuition and fees please contact our office of admissions. You can email us at or call 03-3703-8778.


Application Process


Step 1:

Email or call us to arrange a school tour and interview with our Director and Principal. We offer school tours and interviews from Monday through Friday at 9:45AM. We have a flexible scheduling process if you cannot attend at 9:45AM. Please let us know your schedule and we will adjust the time of the school tour.


Step 2:

Submit your child's application form scanned and sent through email or through direct mail. Once we have received the form we will send you an initial invoice of the registration fee.


Step 3:

Once payment of the registration fee is received, your child's slot for the term will be reserved. After this we will send you a welcome pack, which includes our handbook and all the necessary information pertaining to our school.


Step 4:

Confirm your child's enrollment date with our admissions office. Once we have confirmed your child's enrollment date we will send you an invoice of your child's regular school program tuition fee and any other extracurricular program tuition fees that your child is enrolled in. All fees should be paid before or on the day of your child's first day of school.


Step 5:

We will schedule an orientation for you and your child with his/her respective teacher before their first day of attendance. During the orientation the lead teacher will explain the rules and regulation of the school, the schedule and important dates and the program in which your child is enrolled in.