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Welcome to Summer School 2024

Summer School 2024 Flyer
Summer School 2024 Flyer

Our Annual Summer School program is now open for enrollment! With seasonally themed arts & crafts, fun cooking classes, cool science experiments, and outdoor activities, children will have fun learning new and exciting things, practicing and improving their English language skills, and developing their social skills through interaction with old and new friends!

Summer School Information and Application form

This year Keiki Summer School will run for 10 weeks from June 19th to August 25th!! 
We are offering two kinds of excellent programs specifically developed to meet your child's academic needs and encourage their learning to soar, all while having a wonderful experience with a great team of friends!

Summer School Program (Ages 1-9): Join us for exciting sensory activities, creative arts and crafts, energizing music and movement, tasty cooking, thrilling science experiments, and many more lessons filled with fun!

Literacy & Maths Program (Ages 5 and above): Focused on building academic excellence through a wide variety of exciting and fun activities to start the new academic year off with style!

To download the application form please click on the button below. 

Once completed please send your completed application back to


Please fill up the form and check the boxes for the session/s that you want your child to attend. Once the form is completed you can submit it via at our email or drop it off directly to our school, we will be happy to receive it from you. If you have any special requests or questions please call us on 03-3703-8778 we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can.

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