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Our learning atmosphere is heart-warming, and multi-cultural, which brings the best out of all the children.


We believe in understanding each child’s inner constitution; which aspects of their character require strengthening, which traits should be discouraged, and what areas of personality should be nurtured and emphasized.


We provide guided opportunities so they can feel, touch, taste, and explore with their senses as many experiences as possible, freeing them to grow and develop in a natural and positive manner.


Most importantly we do not believe in imposing our own beliefs upon them but allowing them to blossom in their own special way.

History, Philosophy, & Mission


Founded in 2004, Keiki has been established for 18 years in Setagaya, Tokyo. We have been providing excellent early childhood education for almost two decades to the Tokyo community.


It is our belief that children should be valued as unique individuals. We want the children to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning process and to appreciate their journey to be the best versions of themselves. We encourage them to be curious, to ask questions, and not be afraid of making mistakes.


Our job is to ensure that their journey will be meaningful and fun. We can establish a warm connection between school and home through wonderful parents who are vital to their children's continued growth and development outside of school. 



To provide a nurturing learning environment to guide children to express their ideas with confidence and creativity. The process of experimentation we incorporate in Keiki encourages our students to be risk-takers and resilient in circumstances of challenge and change.


We guide children to respect each other by being caring, balanced, and open-minded. We emphasize the importance of learning from different points of view through experiences to become truly global citizens who can make positive changes in the world.


Keiki Outdoor Lesson

Social & Emotional Well-being

At Keiki, we believe that the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive well being of our students plays a key role in their learning experience. Our program  aims to ensure that our children's individual needs are met within the classroom and beyond. It is suited to the students’ developmental stage.

Our program includes the following:


Social/Emotional Development (conflict resolution, healthy relationships, resilience, assertiveness, tolerance, self-esteem, respect for self and others, team work).


Circle Time

In-class interventions

Physical Well-being


At Keiki, we prioritize the theme of health and healthy living. This begins with our staff as role models and our parents supporting the school with healthy living. We also recognize there is a balance to be struck and avoid extreme points of view such as specific fad diets or regimens. Through PE, Science and Social Science, our students learn about their bodies at an age-appropriate level and how to make healthy choices.



Lunch Boxes

Healthy balanced meals and snacks are offered to families (additional charge). Our Lunch Boxes are healthy, tasty, and well-balanced. We aim to help students make healthy choices and enjoy the social interaction that takes place during lunchtime. 

Keiki Parachute
Keiki Lunch
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