Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that children should be valued as unique individuals. We want the children to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning process and to appreciate their journey to be the best versions of themselves. We encourage them to be curious, to ask questions, and not be afraid of making mistakes. Our job is to ensure that their journey will be meaningful and fun and to establish a warm connection between school and home through the wonderful parents who are vital to their children's continued growth and development outside of school. 


Our Mission is to provide a nurturing learning environment to guide children to express their ideas with confidence and creativity. The process of experimentation we incorporate in Keiki encourages our students to be risk-takers and are resilient in circumstances of challenge and change. We guide children to respect each other by being caring, balanced, and open-minded. We emphasize the importance of learning from different points of view through experiences to become truly global citizens who can make positive changes in the world.