Kids at Playground

Extracurricular Activities

Here at Keiki, we offer academic programs as an extension of our regular school day. Our After School and Extracurricular programs operate starting from 2:30 PM until 7:00 PM. During this time, children can participate in a variety of activities ranging from gym and sports to science and arts. They will further develop and hone their skills as well as have fun doing so.


  1. Creative He(arts)!

  2. Super Science Class

  3. Singapore Math Mathletes


  1. International Elem Prep

  2. Ninja Dojo

  3. Camp Scouts: Adventures in the Outdoors!


1. Saturday Kids Magical Club


  1. Broadway

  2. Sensory Explorers

  3. Geography and Culture Club


  1. STEAM

  2. Little Mozart Music


  1. Elementary English Essential

  2. English Express Yourself

  3. Language Building Lab


  1. 1-1 Tutoring Program

If you are interested in an After School program or if you would like to know the tuition fees for the After School classes, please have a look at the various after-school programs that we offer above or you can call us at 03-3703-8778 or email us at for more information.