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Age: 4 years old and up

Time: 3:30PM - 4:20PM

Does your child ever wonder if lemons can power a light bulb or if candles can burn underwater? If they do, why not try our Cool Science class?


At our class, children will be given the chance to see how cool Science can be! Our eye-catching demonstrations, hands-on activities and fun discussions will make learning Science awesome for the kids. 


Our interactive 50 minutes class are themed around particular areas of Science which includes topics like states of matter, weather and geology (Volcanoes!).


In each class children are encouraged to participate and give Science a try and at the end of each session children may bring home the experiments they did.








Keiki Scholastics 

Age: 6+ Years old

Time: 3:30PM-5:00PM

Keiki Scholastics consists of two parts; practical English using discussion based activities and academic studies using textbooks from the acclaimed Oxford University Press in the UK. The interactive activities will develop your child’s communication skills and lay the foundations for acquiring good pronunciation. The teacher will increase your child’s confidence and interest in the English language.​

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