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Keiki Elementary English Essentials
Keiki Express Yourself

English Express Yourself
3:30-4:20pm   Ages   3+ 

Come and join us for a fun, creative, and imaginative intermediate English language class that will help each child build foundational skills and confidence to express themselves in the target language. With each lesson, students will learn important vocabulary and effective communication skills through authentic, child-friendly scenarios, which will enable each child to express their special and unique thoughts and interests. This program will also help students gain essential life skills, such as presentational skills, eye-contact, positive body-language, manners, and more while taking part in exciting topic-based activities with their friends! 

Language Building Lab
3:30-5:20pm   Ages  3+ 

This class provides students a fantastic opportunity to build more advanced language skills and abilities through a fun and intensive English-based curriculum. Utilizing theme-based, and life-applicable lessons, each child will be able to significantly expand their understanding of English as we strive toward creating satisfactory comprehension and application of English expression. This program will work to build upon your child’s literacy knowledge, develop their presentational skills, extend their conversational ability, and will aid them in furthering their opportunities in the English language as they grow!

Keiki Language Building Lab

After School Program







Elementary English Essential
3:30-4:20 pm         Ages 2+

Come jumpstart your English language learning in our fun beginner ESL course! These classes are designed to develop student's English speaking skills with attention to developing accuracy and beginner fluency in communication. Students will be introduced to introductory topic-based English lessons- developing vocabulary, and conversational speaking skills, and building confidence in applying their learning in daily activities/scenarios. Through the use of games, arts, and much more lets have fun learning English together!

After School Programs (Wednesday)

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