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Cooking Around the World

Age: 2 years old and above

Time: 3:30PM - 4:20PM


This class helps students taste many exotic

dishes from all over the world. By teaching

them recipes from all around the world, we

will build their geographical knowledge as

well as utilizing math and literature to educate

them about the magic of the culinary arts.


This class will also develop each student's skills to express themselves, self-esteem,

and confidence in a fun, safe, warm, and

welcoming atmosphere!!

Literacy Library Club

Age: 5 years old and above

Time: 3:30PM - 5:20PM

In this course, students will build upon their reading/writing ability, while expanding their creative and critical thinking skills, within a multitude of contexts and scenarios. 


Key Concepts include:

Literature appreciation

Creative writing

Introductory persuasive and informative writing

Building characters, content, and tone within reading/writing

Introductory summarizing


Focus strategies include: 

Strengthening phonics skills

Use of “Creative Spelling” 

Developing Grammar knowledge 

Use of “Hold a sentence”



These concepts and techniques will help your child to establish the confidence to tackle any literacy assignment that comes their way throughout their schooling!

​- Pickup service from Seisen, St Mary's & other major kindergartens is available















Thursday After School Programs

On Thursdays we offer two after school classes!!

After School Programs


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