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After School Programs (Thursday)

Our sports club offers a healthy dose of competition, team building, and sportsmanship while enjoying the great outdoors! Providing students with a variety of sports styles, lessons will allow children to engage in athletic activities outside of the classroom and create ample opportunities for them to expend their energy, develop coordination and strength, and feel part of a fantastic team! We will introduce an array of sports: soccer, baseball, frisbee, running and much more! Everyone is welcome; no try-outs necessary to join our league! 

*Lessons will be conducted inside in the event of inclement weather.

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After School Program







literacy library club
3:30-5:20pm Age 5+

In this course, students will build upon their reading/writing ability, while expanding their creative and critical thinking skills, within a multitude of contexts and scenarios. 

Key Concepts include: 

  • Literature appreciation

  • Creative writing

  • Introductory persuasive and informative writing

  • Building characters, content, and tone within reading/writing

  • Introductory summarizing

Focus strategies include: Strengthening phonics skills 

  • Use of “Creative Writing”

  • Developing Grammar Knowledge

  • Use of “Hold a Sentence”

  • Mind-mapping

    These concepts and techniques will help your child to establish the confidence to tackle any literacy assignment that comes their way throughout their schooling!

    Course Prerequisite: In order for the students to utilise this class fully, we are inviting students with prior phonics, grammar, reading, and writing experience to join us.

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3:30-5:20pm Age 3+