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After School Programs (Thursday)

Training in the Ninja Dojo provides vital life skills to all growing Ninjas, whether they are novice or proficient. Here, we practice total conditioning of the mind, body, and spirit! Developing mindfulness, meditation, teamwork, and presentation, we will channel our creativity and energy into skillful coordination and the confidence to tackle challenges- all while having a ton of fun! Warm-ups, exercises, and games will provide opportunities for practice of authentic application of developing skills and will allow the apprentice ninjas a supportive space in which they can share ideas and enrich the class with their contributions; where everyone’s role will help grow and shape the Dojo. If you are looking for the total experience of fun; learning; and growing, we welcome you to Ninja Dojo!

International Elementary Prep at Keiki Intercultural Preschool

After School Program







In this course, future graduates and ongoing international elementary students will build upon their prior learning in school, as well as expand their ideas and abilities, targeting key skills, that will aid them in their transition to a larger and increasingly diversified educational environment. Students, in partnership with the teacher and their families, will work together to engage in and explore the importance of Intrapersonal concepts vs. Interpersonal relationships, and how the two work together to form our daily lives.

Intrapersonal concepts:

• Sense of self: Self-esteem/personal awareness

• Sense of perception and awareness: Views and interpretations of the world around them

• Sense of expectation: Understanding and navigating the expectations for one’s self and of others

Interpersonal relationships:

• Understanding and nurturing our role within our relationships with family, friends, school, and community.

Through fun, expressive, and academic activities students will boost their confidence, promote a positive attitude towards life’s transitions, and strengthen their ability to explore and grow in new situations.

Some topics we will cover are:

• Presentation

• Opinion-sharing and conflict resolution

• Creative Writing/storytelling

• Critical thinking/investigation

• Self-awareness/self-esteem

Ninja Dojo
3:30-4:20pm Ages 3+

International Elementary Prep
3:30-5:20pm Ages 4+

Camp Scouts: Adventures in the Outdoors!
3:30-5:20pm Ages 2+

To the wilderness, we go! Well, maybe not the actual wilderness… but definitely to nature! Here at Camp Scouts, adventure and resourcefullness is our philosophy! Camp Scouts truly is the all-inclusive program to jumpstart our understanding of the world, its operations, and our role within it. Every week, we will venture to new and exciting outside locations, to get to know our environment better and gain a first-hand view of the natural societies, roles, patterns, practices that all living things take part in continuously. We will call upon our skills and talents while tackling challenges, strengthening our bodies, fostering respectfulness for all, exploring the elements, motivating independence, and building friendship and teamwork. Scouts

Keiki Intercultural Preschool: Camp Scouts
Ninja Dojo Class at Keiki Intercultural Preschool
International Elementary Prep

will also get the opportunity to discover hobbies and 

experiences that they may have never taken part in before! Join us as we reconnect with nature and create memories that will last a lifetime! *Lessons will be conducted inside in the event of inclement weather.

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