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After School Programs (Thursday)

Our sports club offers a healthy dose of competition, team building, and sportsmanship while enjoying the great outdoors! Providing students with a variety of sports styles, lessons will allow children to engage in athletic activities outside of the classroom and create ample opportunities for them to expend their energy, develop coordination and strength, and feel part of a fantastic team! We will introduce an array of sports: soccer, baseball, frisbee, running, and much more! Everyone is welcome; no try-outs are necessary to join our league! 

*Lessons will be conducted inside in the event of inclement weather.


After School Program







International Elementary Prep
3:30-5:20pm Age 5+

In this course, future graduates and ongoing international elementary students will build upon their prior learning in school, as well as expand their ideas and abilities, targeting key skills, that will aid them in their transition to a larger and increasingly diversified educational environment. Students, in partnership with the teacher and their families, will work together to engage in and explore the importance of Intrapersonal concepts vs. Interpersonal relationships, and how the two work together to form our daily lives.

Intrapersonal concepts:

• Sense of self: Self-esteem/personal awareness

• Sense of perception and awareness: Views and interpretations of the world around them

• Sense of expectation: Understanding and navigating the expectations for one’s self and of others

Interpersonal relationships:

• Understanding and nurturing our role within our relationships with family, friends, school, and community.

Through fun, expressive, and academic activities students will boost their confidence, promote a positive attitude towards life’s transitions, and strengthen their ability to explore and grow in new situations.

Some topics we will cover are:

• Presentation

• Opinion-sharing and conflict resolution

• Creative Writing/storytelling

• Critical thinking/investigation

• Self-awareness/self-esteem

All-star Sports
3:30-5:20pm Age 3+

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