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Hypothesize, test, and engage in the bizarre and awesome functions of the world’s most wonderful abilities! This hands-on club explores a vast range of Scientific topics- from chemistry to biology, and so much more! Students will learn to see life’s daily occurrences in a new light as they build vocabulary, pose questions, and conduct experiments with their friends, leaving each class filled with amazement and knowledge.

3:30-4:20pm Age 2+

This class gives our students the freedom to express their creativity and the ability to change something with their own hands!

While shaping the clay, children have to carefully think about their actions – is the clay too thick, do I want to make it taller, how should this dogs’ tail look – and so on. It forces them to think about and plan what they want to do to their creations!

Having something three-dimensional in their hands gives them an increased sense of spatial awareness on top of being able to shape it to their whims!

Over time, working with clay gives children more precise motor control, hand-eye coordination, and strengthens their ability to understand that their actions influence the outside world and the art which they create.

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3:30-4:20pm Age 3+

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