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After School Program






Keiki Broadway

3:30-4:20pm Ages 3+

KEIKI Broadway

Sensory Explorers

3:30-4:20pm Ages 1+

The world is a magical place just waiting to be explored! There is so much to see, feel, and learn about for children of any age. In Sensory Explorers, lead by the fantastic Ms. Ezra, we will experiment, shape, mould, investigate, play, and create within a wide variety of exciting activities and projects to make and strengthen learning connections. Sensory activities provide support for growing brain pathways and nurture a range of crucial skills, such as language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

Keiki Sensory Explorers

These stimulating and creative lessons are sure to give children the early confidence and motivation to become continuous learners and gain increasing independence in exploring the world around them.

Geography and Culture Club

4:35-5:35pm Ages 2+

Have you ever wondered what peoples on the other side of the world do for fun? Or what kind of food they eat? Is school just like ours? Do their homes look the same or different? If yes, then, this is the club for you! Join us for a multitude of adventures spanning the entire world! Our club will take a look at life all across the globe. From landmarks and flags; to locations and environments; to plants and animals; to people and cultures, we will explore them all in a matter of weeks, gaining a better understanding of how we are all connected and seeing the beauty of what makes every bit of our world special. Together, we will take a hands-on approach to cultural appreciation and set our compasses in the right direction for fun!

Keiki Geography and Culture Club

After School Programs (Tuesday)

Keiki Broadway kids find a welcoming and creative space to showcase their talents and expand their confidence in this class! Through the arts of dancing, singing, and acting our students’ artistic minds will expand, their presentational skills will grow, and their communicative and emotional skills will develop. Our workshopping approach focusing on movement, talent-fostering, and language skills, encourage children to advance in their abilities and find confidence when communicating, encouraging them to share their ideas and opinions with a POSITIVE voice.

Two shows are performed yearly (Fall and Summer).

Enrollment is available at the start of Term 1 and Term 3. 

Music and Movement
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