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Age: 2.5 years old and up

Time: 9:00AM - 2:00PM

The Saturday Kids Class is a full-day school program that let's your child enjoy a fun-filled day in a creative learning environment. The program give students the opportunity to use and practice the English language and allow them to experience a truly international curriculum. 


Academic Studies


We use the Longman Education series, "Super Kids" that has proven results in teaching English to children learning English as a second language (ESL) and as their native language. These series of books are a wonderful source of learning, through lively characters and engaging storylines. Each unit has a theme in which to learn through Total Physical Response (TPR) Activities, songs and chants, cultural awareness and new vocabulary presented in easy to understand class activities.


Each unit has an assessment to monitor each child's progress alongside learning words that will help to improve their reading skills.


The academic classes can be split into groups based on abilities if needed.


Reading Program


For children who are able to get to grips with their phonics, we aim to start them in reading as soon as possible.


Following the guidelines from the British National Curriculum, we will introduce a reading scheme to give your child an introduction to reading. We will be using the Oxford Reading Tree as it is proven to be one of the most effective programs to give kids the confidence to use words phonetically whilst blending in words they will already be familiar with.


Each student will have the opportunity to read to the teacher every Saturday. There will also be a reading book to take home (to be returned at the start of the next session) along with corresponding homework.


We encourage parents to let their child read the book to them (as long as the child feels comfortable reading) and to help their children with their reading homework at home.


With the parents' help, this will be the first step for the children to read in English.


Special Activities 


We have creative, language based activities to help children familiarize themselves with the English language and increase their enjoyment in using English to communicate with their friends. Our special activities develop the children's ability to communicate in fuller sentences using descriptive vocabulary and expands their word banks. Some of our special activities includes Science, Drama, Language Arts and Cooking.


Each class will have a specific learning concept to enable students to be able to join in with discussions based learning and give the students the tools to learn both independently and as a group.


During the special activities, those who are doing the reading program will be taken out of the class for a one-on-one reading session.


Show and Tell


Before Dismissal (Goodbye Circle Time) we encourage students to come forward and show the class something that they would like to share their thoughts and opinions on. This gives them the chance to express themselves and build their self-confidence. 

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