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Age: 2 years old and up

Time: 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Early bird is from 8:00.

​Extended Care is till 19:00.

The Saturday Kids Class is a full-day school program

that lets your child enjoy a fun-filled day in a creative

learning environment. The program gives students

the opportunity to use and practice the English language

and allow them to experience a truly international curriculum. 


We have creative, language-based activities to help

children familiarize themselves with the English language

and increase their enjoyment in using English to

communicate with their friends. Our special activities

develop the children's ability to communicate in fuller

sentences using descriptive vocabulary and expands

their word banks. Some of our special activities include

Science, Drama, Language Arts, and Cooking.


Each class will have a specific learning concept to enable

students to be able to join in with discussions based learning

and give the students the tools to learn both independently

and as a group.


During the special activities, those who are doing the reading

program will be taken out of the class for a one-on-one reading


We encourage students to come forward and show the class

something "Show and Tell" that they would like to share their

thoughts and opinions on. This gives them the chance to

express themselves and build their self-confidence. 

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