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Year 1 and 2 (ages 5 - 8)

Our Year 1 and 2 program is designed with the infinite success of our students in mind, in order to become confident and capable global citizens. 


Through the promotion of inquiry-based learning, students will harness the talents, knowledge, and skills that they have constructed in their early education and channel them into an endless pathway for exploring new concepts and building connections with their authentic world. 


Utilizing collaboration, critical thinking, discovery, and continuous assessment, students will grow in their independent potential, while cultivating a positive learning community with teachers, parents, and peers. 


Socio-emotional Development

  • Building agency in students’ roles and responsibilities
  • Reinforcing self-esteem and capabilities to express and co-construct within their learning community
  • Strengthening our development through continual assessment and goal-setting as an individual and with the collaboration of our learning community 

  • Nurturing our understanding of our roles as global citizens 

  • Harnessing emotional awareness and social awareness to serve as reflective tools for continuous development


Cognitive Development 

  • Inquiring and making connections through concept-based learning
  • Utilizing logical and divergent thinking skills to inquire and formulate new ideas

  • Scaffolding our learning across the disciplines to build an authentic application of the knowledge gained

  • Working in collaboration with our learning community to express ideas and share information 

  • Making advancements in our comprehension of Mathematical concepts and operations (numeracy, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurements, time, and currency) 

  • Broadening our understanding and usage of phonics sounds and grammatical concepts

  • Expanding upon our sentence writing to create increasingly extensive independent written works

  • Exercising our reading endurance to strengthen our ability to read longer texts fluently and with a thorough comprehension

  • Exploring the biological and social sciences so that we may foster a deeper understanding of our world and its functions

  • Practicing reflection and self-assessment in order to merge our learning with authentic and agentic application


Physical Development 

  • Further strengthening fine and gross motor skills 
  • Examination of more advanced concepts within the arts

  • Creating continuous inquiries through play-based learning and physical education

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