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Age: 2.5 years old and up

Time: Tutoring is flexible but will also depend on the teacher's availability

Our tutoring programs are tailor-made, focusing on areas where the student needs help with. After an initial assessment in complete, we will provide a program that ensures the student's enjoyment and complete concentration throughout the session.


Fun Start-up Reading


The world of books has always been a source of great wonder and information that can satisfy a child's curiosity about the world around them. We believe that getting a good start on basic reading skills can help develop your child's confidence in reading, nurture his or her sense of fascination for the world and build a strong foundation for reading in elementary school and up! Try our reading program and get your child off to a wonderful start in their reading journey. 


In our Reading program your child will learn to:


  • Develop their phonemic awareness.

  • Be able to correctly sound out the letters of the alphabet.

  • Build their vocabulary and word recognition.

  • Predict outcomes and learn to ask questions regarding a story.

  • Be able to enjoy reading and develop an interest in reading more advanced materials.

Wonderful Maths Tutoring Program


Some kids get the hang of learning Maths very easily while others need more help and that's ok! Every child has different learning speeds when it comes to Maths. The most important point is to make sure that they ENJOY the process of learning Maths and that is where our tutoring comes in. We want to share the enjoyment of learning numbers, shapes, and Mathematical formulas to the kids through interactive lessons full of interesting activities and games, hands-on personal instruction from our teachers, and a fun motivational system that will help build their confidence in tackling the Maths subject.


Homework Assistance Program


Sometimes children find themselves with a tough assignment from school that they could not understand.


Our Homework Assistance Program is ideal for guiding your child through difficult homework assignments. We combine personal instruction and independent learning time to make sure that your child thoroughly understands the homework concepts so that he would be able to apply those concepts by himself and we will do this in a way that he can enjoy. Completing homework assignments will become a fun and enjoyable activity with our Homework Assistance Program.


Custom Tutoring Program


Sometimes parents are looking for something different for their children. Whatever that may be, our tutoring program is highly customizable according to the needs of the child and the requests of the parent. We will initially assess the child's abilities and discuss with his or her parents in order to make a customized tutoring program for the child that he or she can find interest in and enjoy. We will work closely with the parent and ensure constant feedback regarding the child's development.







Keiki Private Tutoring

After School Programs (Tutorials)

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