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Meet our Team

Ms. Mie Keiki

Since founding Keiki Intercultural Preschool in 2004, our founder and director Ms. Mie has been a cornerstone for our success. Her tireless work to continously improve Keiki has been one of the reasons for our success.

Ms. Mie 

In her own words...

After founding Keiki Intercultural Preschool alongside my late husband, I have made sure to keep Keiki a safe haven for children to express themselves freely. By encouraging curiosity we create an atmosphere at Keiki where children become natural inquirers. Research suggests that encouraging curiosity We prepare them for this complicated world with the mindset that they can try anything. 

Ms. Lauren Keiki

Our head teacher, Ms. Lauren brings a wealth of experience from her time at Keiki starting in 2019. Since her time at Keiki she has been crucial to our success through her energetic classes and incredible capacity for creativity. 

In her own words...

I believe in providing a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my goal to create an atmosphere where students can excel to their greatest potential, as well as take pride in, and ownership of, their success. Within our classroom, our students will find a safe environment where they can share their ideas freely, receive positive feedback from their peers, tackle important milestones in their education, and discover their interests and passions further.

Ms. Lauren
Head Teacher

Mr. Eric brings years of experience with him to Keiki. His journey in education has seen him teach a wide range of students in Korea, Shizuoka, and other schools in Tokyo. Due to this he brings excellent insight through his educational approach.

In his own words...

Growing up in a family of teachers, I have always been involved with the educational process.  Teaching a wide range of students and content has taught me many things relating to how we all learn and grow; I am understanding of the challenges students face in the modern classroom, but am firm with the expectations that nearly 2 decades of experience has shown me.  


Embodying the humanistic and Socratic aspects of engaging with ourselves and others, I hope to ignite interest in the students' lives and inspire them to tap into their own strengths and self-confidence.  In the early stages of education, emotional and social learning is such a critical component of the classroom and I hope to foster positive and empathetic leaders by being a good role model within the educational community.

Mr. Eric
K1 Teacher


Ms. Gel brings vast experience with dealing with children after working in a wide variety of countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia,and Hong Kong. Her dedication to educating the children in an entertaining manner brings an added edge to our team. 

Ms. Gel

Mr Ryan Keiki

A committed professional, Mr. Ryan has taken over the post of IB coordinator for Keiki whilst aiding the admin team. A product of the IB system, Ryan understands the importance of inquiry based approach and its merits for educating your children. 

Mr. Ryan 

As one of our extrcurricular teachers, Cody brings versatility to the Keiki team. He leads the children in daily yoga routines​, teaches kids how to be stealthy in the acclaimed Ninja Dojo class, and will guide your child through their first steps in English. 

Ms. Jean

Ms Minery Keiki

The head of our Admin team, Minery brings versatility to our team through her many talents. Her enthusiasm and energy brings a smile on everyones faces.

Ms. Minery

Ms B Keiki

As one of the most enthusiastic members of the team, Ms. B brings her well rounded approach to the classroom. A favourite among the children, she continues to delight everyone with her hard work.

Ms. B

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